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Four times more high defferer?!? Yeah, I was confused too, high definition is high definition… Right? Well apparently not, they got us again. Something has been developed to completely blow away our retinas! Of course you could go outside, buuuuut its cold outside, and everything is covered in snow, so yeah, I am not opposed

Hide My Televison

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 by

Seura has provided us with a group of amazing products. They are an American company with an American made product, which any one would be proud to own. So what do they make? Mirrors and Televisions. Additionally Mirrored Televisions. That’s right, they make the television disappear behind the mirror when turned off and when turned

Sony – 4K Projectors

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 by

Home Theaters are not complete without a GREAT display. Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projectors can give you just that! With four times the 1080p resolution, 3D and HD to 4K upscaling, you’ll never want to watch sports or a movie on a regular display ever again. The picture you receive with Sony’s 4K Home

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

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Ladies, we all know men love technology. Men love purchasing the latest gadgets, and they fill your home with all of these speakers and wires and cords which makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to vacuum around. However, as much as we don’t want to admit it, electronics are pretty sweet! I mean, home theater systems literally

Interior designers don’t hate technology, they hate seeing technology. As much as we love technology, we love being able to provide a solution to all of our clients. When we say the phrase “Home Electronics,” what immediately comes to mind? TV’s, wires, speakers, more wires, and technology everywhere? Not anymore. To all of the #interior

When discussing Con-Cept’s services regarding home automaton, the response I always hear is, “Well, it just costs too much,” before people even know what the actual cost really is. This blog is not going to tell you that home automation is necessarily dirt cheap, however, this blog will hopefully open your eyes as to what home automation