Con-Cept Passes the Interior Designers’ Tests

by / Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Technology

Interior designers don’t hate technology, they hate seeing technology. As much as we love technology, we love being able to provide a solution to all of our clients. When we say the phrase “Home Electronics,” what immediately comes to mind? TV’s, wires, speakers, more wires, and technology everywhere? Not anymore.

To all of the #interior designers out there, we understand. Designing a home that expresses your clients’ uniqueness, balances both function and style, and adds comfort and efficiency is more challenging today than ever before. Technology, such as home theater, lighting control, distributed audio, and security systems are now the standard, and are expected. We understand that electronics sometimes can detract from your design. We have mastered how to blend technology into your designs so that your vision and style is achieved, while still delivering efficiency, security and energy savings to your client.

From in-wall speakers, to automated blinds from #Qmotion, we have it all. We understand the struggle of providing a service with a client and wanting them to be 100% satisfied, even though sometimes, it is a difficult task. We go above and beyond to meet all of our clients needs. With #Control4, you have the option to control everything in your home in a neat and organized manner. Come by our showroom at 1794 Bridge St. Unit #4, and see for yourself. 


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