Happy Holidays from Concept!

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They are upon us once again. Whichever you celebrate even if it is only the New year,
we wish you a happy and healthy season. 

     For me personally, this has always been my favorite time of year. We celebrate Christmas, and I am one of those people that fires up the Bing Crosby on November 1st. It really gets going on Thanksgiving, and by this time we are in full swing. My wife and I have a house full of little ones running around and their excitement is addictive! They help bake cookies, eat too much frosting, build their Christmas lists and get a little spoiled by family.
     We are fortunate. We work hard all year, and are blessed to be surrounded by smiling faces. Unfortunately, it isn’t this way for everyone and may not always be this way for me. I am reminded of experiences I have had in my own life, places I have been, people I have seen. We are blessed. I am constantly reminded of this. Knowing that all of this is fleeting. I hope we can all take a moment to remove ourselves from our gadgets and gifts to put some thought into those that are having a tougher time than we are. One thing I learned in the Army, is that it can always be worse. We all have something, or someone to be thankful for.
     This past weekend we had a small event at our new location. While the location is not quite open yet, we did take the opportunity to let people come in out of the cold. We also had a raffle for ‘Fitness for a Cure’ which raises money for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. While we were giving away electronics and gift certificates to raise a few dollars, it occurred to me how generous people can be, and yet how much more we really can achieve. I want to thank everyone that came out in support of the event and give warning, we will not stop, next year we hope to raise more than this year. The Raffle totals were $385.00 and I know we can do much better than this. We will place this on our shoulders. This will be our responsibility; we will dedicate ourselves to supporting “Fitness for a Cure” in their efforts to help children battling disease and their families.
     The events of this past weekend motivated me personally to dedicate our company efforts to help in more worthy causes. It occurs to me that I should be thankful for the people I have spoken with at “Fitness for a Cure” for helping to inspire all of us here at Concept and Boissonneault Electric Corp. they have helped us to find direction, and we will do our best to pay it forward. We hope that our actions can inspire others to do the same. While we enjoy ourselves, let us not forget the millions of people suffering worldwide, from war, disease, hunger, violence, addiction, natural disaster, etc.
     So look around you, laugh with the kids, smile with the elderly, hold hands with your spouse. This is it… for a few weeks we get the opportunity to share a little love. It’s not a bad thing. Eat too much, laugh out loud, sing, dance… it will do us all good!
– Neal Boissonneault, Vice President
Happy Holidays!

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