Happy Wife, Happy Life!

by / Monday, 10 February 2014 / Published in Audio/Video, Home Automation, Lifestyle, Lighting, Security, Technology

Ladies, we all know men love technology. Men love purchasing the latest gadgets, and they fill your home with all of these speakers and wires and cords which makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to vacuum around. However, as much as we don’t want to admit it, electronics are pretty sweet! I mean, home theater systems literally take watching Dancing with the Stars to a whole new level. There is nothing like sitting back with a glass of wine, relaxing, and watching your favorite stars dance on screen (not as good as you, of course) to your favorite songs, on a screen and with surround sound that makes you feel as if you’re in the audience.

So, now that we’ve come to the conclusion that you actually love technology too, can we agree that you just hate seeing it? What if we could enjoy all of the perks of electronics in our homes, but without all of the speakers, wires, and cords…everywhere. What if we could be guaranteed security in our homes, but without an obnoxious security system? What if we could save money by incorporating automation in our homes without having devices everywhere? What if I told you, you now can?

As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life. However, we want our husbands to be happy too. Con-Cept gives you a win-win situation. The husband gets all of the cool electronics he wants, and the wife gets a clean home without all of these cool gadgets scattered everywhere. What’s better than that? We have products that are sleek, designer-friendly, and we even have some that can be hidden behind the walls (seriously). From speakers that look like rocks, to smart-thermostats, we have it all.

At Con-Cept, design has met technology. We want the wives to be happy, too.

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