Hide My Televison

by / Tuesday, 24 February 2015 / Published in Technology

Seura has provided us with a group of amazing products. They are an American company with an American made product, which any one would be proud to own.

So what do they make? Mirrors and Televisions. Additionally Mirrored Televisions. That’s right, they make the television disappear behind the mirror when turned off and when turned on display a wonderful high definition image.

Seura offers Three Series of hidden mirror television products, an outdoor Weatherproof Television series and an Indoor Waterproof Television. We will start with the outdoor and waterproof.

1. Seura, Storm Ultra Bright, all weather televisions designed to spend their life outdoors in the harshest of conditions. These televisions can operate in temperatures from -30 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a bright picture with anti-reflective glass and are sealed to be protected from rain and sun. Seura offers the Storm Ultra Bright in 42, 47 and 55 inch models.

2. Seura, Hydra, Indoor waterproof televisions. Are designed to be flush mounted in the walls of your kitchen, bathroom or other interior wet locations. These look great when surrounded by tile work. Available in 19 and 27 inch models.

3. Seura, Premier Series, Vanishing Television Mirror Displays. This is the only true way to hide a television. No artwork rolling over the front of the screen. This is a beautiful mirror until you turn it on to see a great picture. Perfect, for the formal living/sitting room, Master Bedroom, or to be mounted above a fireplace. You have seen them in hotel lobbies and bathrooms, they are beautiful and will fit in your home just as well as they do in the resort. These are available in several standard sizes as well as custom sizes. The mirror edges can be beveled or you can match a high quality frame to the mirror of which there are over 100 to choose from. Sizes from 32 to 65 inch televisions.

4. Seura, Enhanced Series, Vanishing Television Mirrors. The Enhanced series while it can be utilized in many spaces was specifically designed for the bathroom space in your home. They come in standard and custom sizes. Available as surface or flush mount. Additional mirrors can be ordered for large mirror locations. This ensures equal mirror quality across large spaces. Beveled edges or frames available. Mirror back lighting is also available which eliminates the need for separate wall sconces and creates a very clean look. Standard mirror sizes, 24/33/45 x 36 inches, with television displays of 10, 19, or 27 inches.

5. Seura, Deco Series, Television Mirrors. Similar to in design and options to the enhanced series, the deco series keeps the television behind glass but does not make the television disappear. This may be the perfect place for a television in a space in which the television will be mostly in the on position.

Lighted Mirrors, these are the sleeper product from Seura. These look amazing and keep such a clean look in any bathroom or powder room. There are two options, and both are stunning. Of course these designs can be added to all of the Seura television mirror series.

1. Seura, Lumination Collection. Eleven different lighting patterns available. Either LED or Fluorescent backlighting.

2. Seura, Geo Design Collection. Ten different lighting designs each unique in its own right. Either LED or Fluorescent backlighting.