“It costs too much.” Does it, though?

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When discussing Con-Cept’s services regarding home automaton, the response I always hear is, “Well, it just costs too much,” before people even know what the actual cost really is. This blog is not going to tell you that home automation is necessarily dirt cheap, however, this blog will hopefully open your eyes as to what home automation actually costs in comparison to the value and productivity it offers.

Comparison 1: Think of your existing home. Now think of all of the amenities that you have added to you home. Don’t forget to include that fancy cabinetry and those high-end appliances. Individuals will spend a pretty penny on amenities such as those that you just thought of, however, are hesitant when potentially investing in a system that enhances productivity, security, and entertainment. Your home is somewhere that you spend much of your life in; it should be secure and enjoyable.

Comparison 2: Think of your car. Now think of all of the amenities that you took into consideration when purchasing that car. Do the lights automatically turn on for you when it gets dark? When was the last time you used the key to get into your car? Does your car alert you of issues? Nowadays, when purchasing a vehicle, people make these amenities a main priority. Automatic lighting, automatic door locks, distributed audio, etc. are all crucial parts when making a vehicle purchase. Now answer this question: Homes last much longer than cars, so why are you willing to purchase a car with all of these amenities, but not find them necessary for your home?

Home automation coordinates everything in your home to work together. Making your home a smart home gives you piece of mind, convenience, energy savings, and security. Do you know it also increases the value of your home? Arming your security system from your home, changing the lighting in your home with the push of a button, and keeping an eye on your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world are all possible with Con-Cept Home Automation.

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  1. James says :

    The home/car comparison is really good :) I’ve never really thought of it like that.

  2. Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the good

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