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So…. I was recently informed by our Marketing Director that I would be left with the task of writing the company blog. “Hmmmm…. there should be someone whom I can delegate this task” was my first thought. As I looked around my office and realized I was the only one there, the reality hit me, and I figured I might as well get to typing.

Here I am, left, with this fairly monumental task. We are trying to grow our business, and I don’t mean by a little! This blog should help set the tone for our clients. We want to offer some knowledge and ideas of course, but really more than anything, set some type of expectation. It should help to identify the “Brand” overtime, and give character to Con-Cept. At the same time, hopefully, draw some interest, help people and deliver some fresh ideas…

 What do we really want to do???

Our intention is to bring a higher level of customer service to the masses than we have ever before provided. We want to bring a level of service which is unheard of in this industry. By industry, I mean, the world of construction, systems and electrical contracting specifically. This is something we have always prided ourselves in, but I am no fool… I know our short comings. There are past clients that we could have done better by.

What does this mean to you the reader? 

I am not sure. From this first blog, we hope that our commitment to our clients resonates. We will talk about interesting ways to use technology, new gadgets, etc. but really what is important, is that our clients feel confident when they come to us. We hope that we can build lasting relations. We want to strengthen our ties to the community and make some people happy. Provide a place where you can expect to be given fresh ideas, for your home, office, etc. Most importantly, we want people to know that we stand by our products and installations. We want them to know that we are thorough, painfully thorough, and pride ourselves in informing the client through all phases of a purchase.

I believe this counts for something, that caring is the most important part of growing a GOOD business. So let this be the first blog. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, eat too much or don’t, watch too much football or don’t, but enjoy yourselves. Next week, will be my true test as we will be past the introductions…


-Neal Boissonneault

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