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We are often asked a simple and legitimate question, “Do you sell brand X”? If we reply with a “No.”, usually we receive the follow up, “Well, I read/heard/was told that this the best TV/Speaker/Amplifier. Why don’t you sell it”?

The Power of Few.

This can be a challenge, especially today. Options are great. Until… you walk down the cereal aisle and go into an option induced coma, left in a trans-like state attempting to make a decision which you had assumed would take all of 10 seconds. You leave the aisle, ten minutes later, doubting your decision. At least that is over, but as you look ahead you realize… the ice cream is staring at you.

Surprise! A vendor is in the aisle, handing out samples of chocolate-strawberry-caramel-almond-cookie dough-frozen yogurt!!! The vendor explains to you that this is pretty good stuff and if you like this try the mocha-choca-fudge-vanilla-ice cream, its AMAZING!!! You decide they are both fantastic and truck right by the ice cream and wish there was someone like this in every aisle. You don’t doubt the decision, you spend no time thinking about all the other buckets of ice cream. You are content.

We are the ice cream vendor. This is not a David Lee Roth reference, and I apologize if the analogy brought you there as well, but I don’t feel like coming up with another one.

What we have done here at Concept, is simple. We assembled a select few high quality products. Some of which are well known and trusted by the general public, others may not have the house hold recognition, but are industry leaders none the less.

What factors did we use to select these products? We started with reliability. We looked at longevity in the business, warranty, and our own experience with the products. We then looked at the versatility of the manufacturer, their focus, and the number of products they offered. When we found a company which showed versatility across similar product lines with quality products we took note (Sony is a great example). When we saw companies which had laser like focus on who they were and what they offered and limited their SKU’s we also took note (Terra).

We narrowed each group down, and began to test. If we liked what we heard or saw, and when we were happy with the control. We set it aside.

Our goal was to have no more than three offerings in any one category. We achieved this and if you look at our products I am sure you will struggle to find a solution which we do not offer.

Additionally, we hope you leave us feeling satisfied, knowing that the selection was painless, you were not undersold and you were able to speak with someone who really knew what they were offering. We are trying to keep things simple. So much of this is subjective, at the end of the day we just want our clients to be happy.

If you can appreciate our approach we may just be a good fit for you. If you are the type that enjoys analyzing and comparing everything… we can respect that, matter of fact we have done it. We just hope you don’t leave the aisle still wondering if you made the right decision.