by / Wednesday, 22 April 2015 / Published in Home Automation

QMotion advanced shading system offers a Roller Shade Collection, Honeycomb Collection and Motorized Drapery Rods. These are not your everyday ordinary shades by any means. These are automated with a patented manual override feature. Which means if someone doesn’t know they’re motorized shades and they go to tug on them they won’t break it! If you don’t want motorized shades, no problem! QMotion’s motorized shades can also be strictly manual. By using the remote you can adjust your shades and drapery to 75%, 50% and 25%. They’re also battery operated and unobtrusive so no need to worry about cords, wires or loud motors. Replacing batteries is easy too. Not that you’ll need to change them often since they’ll last up to three to five years and only need standard D-cell or AA batteries depending upon the shades style. QMotion also has a programmable timer remote that can be set up to move your motorized shades automatically by time of day, day of week, sunrise, or sunset. Now that’s a smart shade!!

Quick details on these collections:

The Roller Shade Collection has small side gaps of just ½”… that’s pretty small. The maximum width is 144”. Which means no window is technically too large. Plus QMotion now has the worlds narrowest motorized shade that range in sizes from 15.5” to 22” wide which take AA batteries. So really I guess no window is technically too small either. If you want strictly manual Roller Shades you can choose from Qfree (with no pull gear reduction clutch) or Qbasic (with a pull gear reduction clutch). The Roller Shade Collection offers a large fabric collection of light filtering, decorative and blackout materials with plenty of different colors to choose from.

The Honeycomb Collection has a unique cellular construction that creates a barrier of chambers designed to reduce heat and the damaging effects of UV light. So if you’re looking to be more energy efficient, Honeycomb is the way to go. Honeycomb manual shades can be upgraded easily. So if you decide you want automated later down the road it’s not a problem! Honeycomb shades offer a wide range of colors and you can choose from sheer, semi-transparent or room darkening fabrics.

Motorized Drapery Rods uses C-size batteries for a 1.5” rod and D-size batteries on a 2.0” rod. There are six elegant crafted finials to choose from varying in different colors. QMotion Motorized Drapery Rods are only compatible with pinch pleat, tailored pleat and goblet pleat drapery styles. Which means you can purchase drapes from wherever you wish! Use the touch-wand activation to handle your drapes manually or use the remote.

QMotion may only have three collections, but there is so much to choose from!! What will you end up deciding on?