Smart Lighting from Con-Cept® and Control4!

by / Tuesday, 17 December 2013 / Published in Audio/Video, Home Automation, Lifestyle, Lighting, Security, Technology

Smart lighting is something that everybody needs, whatever time of year. However, what better time to discuss its benefits than during the Holiday season? Once you have smart lighting, it would be hard for you to imagine living life without it. Lighting is an essential part of our lives each day, and we can help you make it as energy efficient as we can.

It is the Holiday season. Bright, flashing lights is needed! How many times have you forgotten to shut off the lights (indoor and outdoor) before going to bed? We lead very busy lives, and sometimes forget to shut off the lights. Think of all of the lights you have lit during the Holiday time.

I love waking up to a lit tree every morning. In fact, I wish I never had to turn the lights off during the Holidays. Do you have kids? Do they love looking at the Christmas lights? I can make my Control4 system mange all of the lights in my house so I don’t have to turn them off. So, every night, at 11 pm, all of the lights in my home shut off, including the indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, and turn back on again at 6 am.

The aspect of being able to control your home is that you are able to personalize your home. It is your home, why shouldn’t it be customized to your liking? Find out what works for you, and make it happen. Create the environment that suits your needs. That’s what we are here for.


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