Music: We are surrounded by it. We want to help you enjoy it.

Home Audio System
Music is no longer a luxury, but a staple in our everyday lives. At Concept we offer state of the art wireless audio systems that allow you to play classical in the den, soft rock in the kitchen, and easy listening with your wireless outdoor speakers, all at the same time. We can design an audio system that’s easily integrated to your lifestyle while satisfying all your musical needs. Smart home automation allows you to control each different music zone from a single screen, making entertainment simple.

Single Room Audio

Single Room Audio System
Is there a specific room in your house that you love to escape to? Want to fill it with some smooth jazz, or rock out and unwind? We have countless types of stylish speakers and amps to transform an average room into an audio heaven. Explore our single room and multi-room wireless audio options, and learn about our smart home automation systems.

Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio System
Multi-room audio is a system designed to have an even-volume throughout the home. Great for parties and general enjoyment, often utilizing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Zoning techniques allow different volumes and music to be played in different rooms.

Wireless Audio

Wireless Audio Solutions
Who wants ugly wires hanging all over their ceilings and walls? Not us. Hardwire systems are dated. We offer wireless audio solutions so that you can play music from your smartphone or smart home automation system, to your whole house. You can even play music to your wireless outdoor speakers. If you want the performance of a wired multi-room system, sans the wires, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Audio Solutions
Here at Concept, we offer an excellent assortment of the best outdoor audio system equipment. Our collections of wired and wireless outdoor speakers are stylish as well as weather resistant. These systems can blend in to rocks and landscape, so you can impress your cookout guests while being discreet. You can even control your outdoor audio from the comfort of your smart home automation system. Make your cabana the talk of the neighborhood with these state of the art outdoor audio systems.