A Smart Home is a Happy Home

Smart Home Automation
Home Automation coordinates everything in your home to work together. Think about your car. It has the technology to alert you of issues and turn on the lights when it is dark. When was the last time you used a key to unlock the doors? These simple features should be enjoyed in the home. Your car wouldn’t lead you to darkness… why should your home?

Rely on a trusted interface to create a more effective and efficient lifestyle. With automation, you can control it all: music, projectors/displays, lighting, security systems, CCTV, climate, shades, and more. Easily receive custom alerts, be notified of issues, and create your custom experience.

Our Designers, Programmers, and Installers have implemented automation control systems in homes throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Concept can custom-design a solution for any home application.

Remote Access

Control Lights, Climate, Security Systems Remotely
It is now possible for you to control all of the systems in your home from anywhere in the world. You can easily control your lights, climate, security systems and more from any smart device. Additionally, you can view your security cameras remotely to check up on the house. We use technology that give you options to keep your home safe and efficient whether you are there or away. Arming your security system from your phone, changing the lighting with the push of a button and keeping an eye on your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world are all possible with home automation.

Go Green

Green Home Automation System
Save money by getting a home automation system. Easily control the lighting and temperature of your home effectively whether there or away. Adjust the lighting, climate and shades while you are on vacation to make it look as if the home is occupied and save money at the same time.