Lighting Control

Luxury, Efficiency and Security

Luxury, Efficiency and Security
Lighting control is an underestimated and underutilized technology which can have the greatest impact on your home experience. We engage light switches with great frequency, yet have not upgraded the technology for decades. Here are some great examples for lighting control:

  • Outside lighting: Set to a simple timer or motion sensor, but is still able to be controlled from anywhere in the home. Set to flash when the home alarm is tripped.
  • Laundry room: Use an occupancy sensor to avoid elbowing the lights up while holding your basket.
  • Kitchen: Today’s kitchens average between 4-6 different lighting loads and a “one-button off” is a huge convenience. While at it, a couple scenes can be nice in the kitchen as well.
  • Away: This button will set the lights to randomly activate to give the appearance that someone is home, when you are away.
  • Vacancy: If a room is empty for 10 minutes, the light will shut off.


Lighting control can be added to existing homes by simply replacing the existing switches. Perfect for retrofits, we can easily and efficiently add smart lighting to any home


A clean consolidated solution reserved for new construction and remodels. Allows for very clean walls with fewer switches cluttering about.


DMX lighting control
DMX lighting control is extremely flexible allowing for control over individual lights and even allowing us to change color schemes. This is a great solution for accent lighting, media rooms and more.