Live Wall Invisible Speakers

Designed to be heard and not seen.

There’s a stark difference between invisible speakers and hidden speakers. Hidden speakers are hidden behind walls and have to drive their sound through wallboard or plaster. The result is muffled sound, distortion loss of higher frequencies and, thus, clarity. Live wall invisible speakers don’t have to play through the wall, they actually make the entire wall a speaker. There are no dead spots in a room because the entire room becomes the best place to be. If you’re considering a custom home theater Mass, Live Wall is a must have.

LW1218 Invisible Speakers

Live Wall’s top performing invisible speaker, the LW1218 has a 12-inch x 18-inch woven fiberglass diaphragm that transfers sound energy to an entire wall or ceiling with crystal clarity and full frequency. They are designed to play through drywall, wallpaper, plaster and light stucco. Live Wall speakers allow for great sound without having to take away from your home décor. They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or any room you choose.

LW1210 Invisible Speakers

This is Live Wall’s most affordable line of invisible speakers. It gives people performing home theater installation MA or standard room installation, a versatile, durable option that can go anywhere, including high humidity areas such as bathrooms. The star pattern on front of the speaker is designed to dissipate and feather the high frequency energy, which eliminates standing waves. The result is incredible, natural, highly balanced sound.