Intrusion, Access Control, Surveillance and Peace of Mind.

Protecting your home and everything and everyone in it is crucial. According to the FBI, “Burglaries of residential properties accounted for 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses.” At Concept, we can provide you with a security system that meets your needs: from a basic starter system to a large system including CCTV and remote access, we’ve got you covered.


Protecting your home from intruders is the first step in implementing a successful security system. Sensors on doors, on windows and in hallways will alert you if someone were to enter unannounced. The same tools used to protect us from bad guys let us know if our toddler opened the door to the pool patio. Today’s systems can alert you of doors and windows being left open and can even turn lights on as you enter the home

Access Control

Keyless entry to your home is efficient and is a means of security. Access control is managed with user codes, allowing you to know who came in and when. Bring the technology you have enjoyed for years in your vehicle to your home. Codes, cards, and more can be used to provide durable solutions. Not only for your entry doors, access control can be used to protect your children from the medicine cabinet or the cleaning supplies.


Cameras are a valued layer to any home security system. Always know who is at the front door, and even record and email images. Use in conjunction with your intrusion and access control system.

Remote Access

Have the ability to monitor your home, receive emails, text messages and phone calls. Know that your home is protected. All can be viewed via a simple-to-use smartphone application.