High definition Video, 3D, 4K, Blu-ray, Oh My!

Whether your needs involve Plasma, Projection, 4K or a Home Theater,Concept will design a video system to perform in any size room and for any need. We can work with you, your builder, architect and/or interior designer to make sure the infrastructure is invisible, the seats have the best view, and the audio is crisp. We also have window treatments if you want to black-out the room completely. Whichever video system you’re interested in, we can custom design it to meet your needs and be easy to use for any member of the family.

Single Room Video

We are trying to make things easy. One remote that controls it all and products that work. We are giving you the technology you want and getting rid of what you don’t want. At Concept, we keep it simple.

Multi-Room Video

When we get into more than one room there are several options: Sources can be shared or they can kept separate. DVR options allow us to share recorded shows throughout the home anywhere. Media players give us access to all of our streaming services. Press pause in the living room and play in the bedroom, and then pick up right where you left off.


Projection is now being used for the media room, living room or outside home theater. Projectors bring a whole different experience: the screens are huge and the picture is amazing. Whether you are utilizing a fixed screen mounted to the wall in the basement or utilizing a motor to hide the screen in the ceiling, we can hide the system or have it out in the open. Your home, your choice.