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Four times more high defferer?!?

Yeah, I was confused too, high definition is high definition… Right?

Well apparently not, they got us again. Something has been developed to completely blow away our retinas! Of course you could go outside, buuuuut its cold outside, and everything is covered in snow, so yeah, I am not opposed to my projected realities inside the warmth of my home at this moment.

Back to what I started with, 4 X’s more high deferer? Yes, the film and consumer electronics industries have made watching movies even more amazing and life like than ever before. Yaayadayada. A couple years ago, I was walking in to see my first 4k demo from SONY. Having not seen it yet, I had the opinion of 4k that I had of 3D which sounded a lot like ….meh. Well, the folks atSONY changed everything. This was quite a while ago and I was blown away, I couldn’t believe the difference and the difference is considerable. Fast forward to today. We are in a place wherethe technology, content and price have come together to make the adoption a no brainer. Regardless of content the 4k upscaling from SONY is amazing so you will see considerable improvements across ALL content.

Sony’s line of ES projectors, XBR televisions,andES Receiverstruly bring movies to life. The precision of the colors are amazing. There is crispness and depth, amazing contrast, everything you want from an amazingly reliable manufacturer which we have all come to know over the last several decades as such.

Projectors ROCK! No one in the industry has a line up as flexible as SONY.


6 models in the lineup, 4 of which are 4k! Ranging from $2,499.00 to $50k delivering you a solution for the kids playroom or the most posh and plush media room you could imagine.VPL-HW40ES, VPL—HW55ES, VPL-VW350ES, VPL-VW600ES, VPL-VW1100ES, VPL-GTZ1(This Model has a LASER!!)

Why Projection? Because projection is, wait for it… AWESOME! When you have 100”, 120”, 140” Screen on the wall or dropping from the ceiling and you turn this thing on you are THERE! Turn up the tunes and BANG!!

Now if you are in my position in life, you are watching fewer Foo Fighter’s live discs, and instead piling on the limitless library from our friends at Disney and Pixar. No worries, Projection makes them all WAAAYYY more enjoyable. This combined with a ROCKIN’ surround sound system makes these long winter nights and days of being locked up go by blazingly fast!

Just looking for a television for the family room. No problem. The XBR models from Sony are some of the best in the game. These things are beautiful, simplistic and the picture quality is unbelievable. Additionally it doesn’t hurt that we are coming up on the season of model changes. Big rebates on current models to make room for the new models being released over the next few months. If you’re on the fence get off! Series are X850B, X900B, X950B.

SonyES Receivers, hear this 5 YEAR WARRANTY! No one in the industry does that. The ES Line rocks. Great sound, easy setup and multi-room HDMI Switching!! These things are worth your time. They have some respectable models at the standard consumer level as well, but this is really where it is… only 3 models to choose from. STR-ZA1000ES, STR-ZA2000ES, STR-ZA3000ES

SO… you want to see this stuff from Sony in an environment that is appealing… don’t you? Good. Come on by Concept and checkout the latest, and greatest from SONY and others at our showroom.