Thanksgiving is Meant for Family, Not for Shopping

by / Monday, 24 November 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is meant to be spent gathered around a feast and being thankful that you are able to spend time with your family. Watching football, being in a turkey coma and eating too much dessert is all part of Thanksgiving Day. We are supposed to enjoy Thanksgiving and be grateful for what we have, giving thanks to another day that we are able to spend with our loved ones. But, Black Friday has now taken over Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday used to start on the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Now as the years go on, the time that Black Friday starts gets earlier and earlier. Retail stores are even starting to open their doors as early as 8 am on Thanksgiving Day. Employees of these retail stores should be able to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving, but instead they are working. People are rushing out the door before the turkey is even out of the oven just to get the “best” deal. We believe Thanksgiving should be spent with family, creating memories and enjoying life… which is why Concept will not be participating in any Black Friday activities. We are thankful for our clients and employees, as well as our friends and family. We will be closed for Thanksgiving and will reopen Monday, December 1st. Enjoy the time spent with your family as will we.